The Dos And Don’ts Of Wedding Makeup

Planning for your big day can be so frustrating and can cause anxiety to a person because there’s so much to do and so much to worry about until everything is executed well. One of the elements of wedding is the wedding makeup that the bridal has to choose as all brides have been thinking of their big day since a very long time and they don’t want to risk it all. If you are in a situation and being indecisive about your wedding makeup, we are here to guide you on the dos and don’ts of it that will help you decide about your entire bridal look.

  1. Focus on the Eyes

When deciding on to the type of makeup you want for your wedding, it is really important that you consider the eye makeup the most as that is what makes you stand out from your regular everyday look. Since we all want to look different than our regular days on our wedding, choose a makeup kind that would pop your eyes out in way that they look super different.

  1. References

Every bridal makeup has a consultation day where they can bring in references of the way they want their wedding makeup to be. The consultants and makeup artists will guide you accordingly whether if your referenced makeup would look nice on you or not or maybe give you tips that would make you look better than what you have in mind.

  1. Brighter

When it comes to lip colors, don’t be scared to go a bit brighter than your regular lip colors as there is a massive difference in how you dress up on a daily basis and your wedding day. Since wedding day is all about pictures, you need to go for makeup techniques that would look better in pictures more than it looks in real. Eventually, it is the pictures that remain there than the actual live makeup so you need to play a bit with colors if you don’t in actual.

  1. SPF

Do not use skin products on your face that have SPF added on them? This is because when pictures are taken on flash, they would make you look completely washed out and disastrous in pictures. Paying so much for your wedding makeup from Jenny Beauty, nobody would want their pictures to turn out as disaster.

Hope the above tips and tricks have helped you out on how to go about your wedding makeup look as nobody want to take risks on their big day. Doing a little homework before you actually select the type of wedding makeup you want will actually help you relax and go safe on your big day.