Enroll Your Child At GC Child Care Centre

Parenting is a full time job in itself and how to manage your responsibilities as a parent when both the partners have to go for work. In circumstances like these, you have GC Child Care Center at your service.  This is because not only will they keep your child safe while you are at work, but will also ensure that they indulge in healthy activities and habits that suit their age bracket. As a parent, nothing else matter most then to see your child grow into a healthy environment and the team at GC Child Care Center promise you that!

So if you are one a look out for a day care in Southport for your children, you must take a look at their core values because only if they match with yours, you can have peace of mind that your child is in safe hands. There is no doubt that no one can bring up a child better than a parent, but the team at GC Child Care Center would come second to you as they understand the importance and value of providing a learning environment for children during their early years. They encourage children through various activities to learn new things every day, explore the world around and grow. When you first bring your child at GC Child Care Center, it is important that you discuss with them what all you have in mind regarding your child’s care, learning and growth, so that they are on the same page with you.

Services they provide

At child care in Surfers Paradise, they take in babies as small as a few weeks old to as old as a thirteen year old. You can drop your child in the morning before you go to work and pick them once you are free. If your child is of school going age and there is no one to look after them before and after their school hours, then again you can share the relevant details with the team at GC Child Care Centre and they will coordinate with you accordingly.

Services they provide include: instructors that are qualified and will teach your child with utmost dedication. Physical activities and games are very important for growth of children, therefore GC Child Care Centre incorporates it in their program and encourages children to familiarize and spend time in nature. Along with education and physical fitness, it is equally crucial to introduce your child to the world of art: which includes learning languages, painting and music. Thus extra-curricular activities form a major part of your child’s time at GC Child Care Centre. The best part about them is that they are open to children of all cultures and religions as inclusivity and appreciation of divergence is what they believe in. They have two day care facilities, the one in Bundall is open from seven in the morning to six in the evening and is located on Slatyer Ave, and the other one is in Benowa and it is open from six in the morning to six-thirty in the evening.