Why You Should Hire A Lawyer After Drunk Driving

People often drive to nearby bars themselves. Sometimes, they walk to nearby bars but in most cases, they use their cars. Cars are the most common vehicles used for driving to nearby bars. Trucks are also used commonly for the purpose. Most people who use their cars to go to bars drive on their way back home. Driving after a drink can be dangerous. A lawyer can help you get off the hook if you are caught driving after having a drink. The penalty for driving after having a drink varies for place to place. The exact amount depends on the local regulations.

The penalty for driving after having a drink is often determined by local courts. You can visit a local court to obtain a schedule of penalties for various offences. Alternatively, your lawyer can get that list for you. Most courts are open from nine to five. They close at about four to five in the evening. Mostly, small local courts deal with people who drive after having a drink. Your drink driving lawyers Parramatta can help you avoid jail time if you get caught driving while drunk. Your lawyer can argue your case and plead for a lighter sentence. A lawyer should find the mitigating evidence in a case that helps you avoid punishment.

For reducing the penalty:
Many people who are caught driving after having a drink are handed a penalty. The amount of penalty charged varies depending on the circumstances of the case. The most common amount of penalty is three to four dollars. It can be as high as ten to fifteen dollars. It is often higher when you damage public property while driving intoxicated. A drink driving lawyers Bankstown can help you avoid or reduce the amount of penalty charged.

For avoiding a criminal record:
A person who drives after consuming an alcoholic drink can end up with a criminal record. This is because alcoholic drinks are very dangerous. They impair your senses and cloud your judgement. It is very unsafe to drive if you have consumed alcoholic drinks. Most people can safely drive after one to two drinks. However, consuming any more that that can cause serious issues. A lawyer can help you avoid a criminal record. A criminal record can be very detrimental. A lawyer can figure out a way to avoid receiving a criminal record. A criminal record is often handed over to people who cause serious harm or death to other people. A criminal record can have lifelong implications. It can affect your chances of reintegration into the society. It can also impact your chances of getting a job. Many people who have criminal records have difficulty finding work. They can only perform menial jobs for a pittance.